Captain Smileys

Captain Smileys is the collective name given to a group of vigilantes operating in Smuirlat. The group eventually ran afoul of Mecha-Smiles, who blew them all up.


The group originated in a fighting school in the Urgmus District of Smuirlat where twelve smilans decided to band together to become more than the sum of their parts. It took a great deal of money and training, but with the aid of their cybernetic gauntlets and armor, the group was eventually able to assemble a single, large fighter by standing one on top of the other. The group began by enforcing their own strict code of law in Urgmus but met a critical setback when the Captain Smileys' right foot, Totlub Olomps, was blown up by Me-Me. This was a difficult position to fill and another smiley, Smompu Simlee, began filling in for him. Their unflagging successes led them to enforce their system of justice in a growing area in Smuirlat which eventually brought them afoul of Causeway, who they defeated, and then Mecha-Smiles, who blew them up. Three members were killed, six others were maimed, and nearly all were injured. This was the end of Captain Smileys, and largely, of the association between Captain Smileys' individual members.

Occasionally, Captain Smileys reassembles himself into other configurations, including horse, legs, octopus, and the particularly uncomfortable wheel configuration.


Head: Smilester Usmone

Chest: Alams Stirgest, Osmo Multombip

Pelvis: Sugguh Lugmest

Right Arm: Smins Sniplit

Right Hand: Agsmar Malmo

Left Arm: Gump Dumsmel

Left Hand: Crump Dumsmel

Left Leg: Fass Smallet

Left Foot: Milt Simlee

Right Leg: Gassus Sainmile

Right Foot: Totlub Olomps, then Calbim Malsmel