Smunne "Causeway" Smunte is a resident in Smuirlat, Supirion. After an accident in a government training program, he was left with scarred feet, a plank irremovably lodged in his back, the ability to generate light, quickly dissolvely causeways, and the ability to run at incredible speeds.


Causeway was a soldier in the Smixion Army and volunteered for an experimental training program. An explosion in the lab during tests left Causeway with his unusual abilities. After his dismissal from the military, he led a somewhat dissolute life before he began bringing vigilante justice to wrongdoers. He is friends with Mop-Top and Me-Me and was a long-time rival of Mecha-Smiles. He ultimately reconciled his differences with Mecha-Smiles and its captain, Jeff Smork, and together, the group defended Supirion from numerous threats. Causeway remained on Supirion after the Great Smilocide.

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