The Cy
Cy-Cave Man

Cy-Cave Man

-Cave Man was a perfectly preserved troglodyte preserved in layers of ice and sediment in a basin that was later covered by water. When the teleporter crashed into earth churning up the seafloor and freeing the chasmosaurus egg that contained Zilla-Bean, it also unearthed Cy-Caveman's body. Then the egs, who still held a small outpost on the Smilan Islands reanimated him to combat the smilans' champion, Zilla-Bean. due to radiation and cellular necrosis, Cy-Cave Man lost both legs, his genital, a finger, and one eye. Despite his name, Cy-Cave Man has two eyes, though one eye has simply atrophied due to radiation poisoning while the other has grown disproportionately.


After his reanimation, Cy-Cave Man was dispatched to combat Zilla-Bean. Still terribly ill, he was stomped summarily. His body was set adrift but again recovered by the egs who nursed him to health again with the intention of sending him back into battle. A second battle ensued, again with C-C M losing. This time, the egs enhanced him with robotic parts, by C-C M rebelled and destroyed their lab. A third particularly intense fight ensued with Zilla-Bean ending with C-C M's utter and excruciating destruction.

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