Ether Society crest

The Ether Society crest

The Ether Society is a secret network of individuals of all races from across the galaxy who seek to discenr the true nature of the ether and to prevent evil from misusing it to conquer the world.


The Society may have existed on earth under various names and in different forms for nearly 2,000 years, often at the direction of etherbeings, who were much better aware of how to manipulate The Stuff than their human counterparts. Stuff at that point was much more rare on earth excepting the few rare deposits that had fallen to earth from space. In the late Middle Ages and on into the Renaissance, alchemists wrote extensively of the stuff, though their knowledge was often flawed, and while spreading awareness about the Society and its aims, they often confounded its work. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the Enlightenment, coupled with the European fondness for secret societies, grew the Society's membership greatly, though it again died out by the 20th century. The Society had only limited usefulness until this time anyway, when the Watchers made humanity at large aware of the Stuff and its multifariousness, leading to the development of the Cohl Process. It was also at this time that Evil began stirring more seriously than it had since Christ walked the earth, and it was at this time that interest in earth culture began to seriously take hold of the Supirion system as astral travel became more common among the blugers, leading to the admission of the first non-earthling, the Uff, into the Society. In the early twentieth century, several major Society centers were established around the world, notably at Westfaxtortonshire by the Jeffries/Aleister family, in the Loire region of France, in the Polynesian toon nation of Maalstrom Island, and at Vizatimor, Crtania, in the Balkans. The Society was dissolved after the destruction of the earth.

Known MembersEdit

The Crone

Charles Aleister

Gayle Aleister

Naderina Aleister

The Uff

Prof. Emile McCay