Gail Aleister

Gayle Aleister

Gayle Aleister (1973-2001) is the daughter of Henry and Naderina Aleister and sister of Charles Aleister. She resides on Westfaxtortonshire Isle. She and her family hosted Alexis Woods and then Hoppity and Bee in an effort to protect them. After a demon disguised as a Society member named Bruce breaks the Crone's seal of protection around the island, many of its residents are killed and Gayle herself is severely injured. Her brother protects her in the forest before sneaking her off of the island, making their way to the mainland.

Gayle is strongly principled, but timid and of a very weak constitution. Though her inentions are always good, when trouble is afoot, she is not to be depended upon. She can become rather neurotic when under stress, and is also severely anemic. She is a lay-scholar of Arthurian legend and an avid fan of French Baroque music, and that of Jean-Baptiste Lully in particular.

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