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May Allegria Kennedy looking coy.

May Allegria Kennedy, one of the titular stars of The Chanterelle and May life, best friend of Chanterelle Compton, and sister of Amy Kennedy, is an incidentally generated toon and the focus of a series of intrigues in Toxic Tampa Bay which culminates in the violent death of almost all the inhabitants therein, leaving May and Chanterelle to rule, briefly, until the world ended.


After Tampa Bay was toxified with the stuff, new beings were generated beneath the soil, many of them pink rabbits. By the time May was generated in 1990, the stuff had reached a high level of stability. May, her friend Chanterelle, and sister, Amy, were perhaps the purest toons generated incidentally from the bay and so were extremely powerful and handily able to manipulate the Stuff in their environment.

Involvement in the Toxic Tampa Bay SagaEdit

After a sextet of egs from a crashed wayward bug bot ineptly tried to exterminate Chanterelle and May, believing them to be Hoppity and Bee and themselves to be acting at the behest of a bunch of bananas they believed to be Stan Smith, and resulting in much wholesale destruction around the bay, the girls' antics were brought to the attention of the Queen of Tampa Bay who sent for them, taught them to transform into a more powerful version of themselves, and dispatched them to destroy the Queen's daughter, Barclay Hamstring, who kept a stronghold against her mother in a castle north of Happy Harbor. Barclay returned, however and, after unsuccesfully trying to put the kibosh on the girls, ultimately befriended them and, with their help, destroyed the queen, though by this time, nearly everyone in Tampa Bay had been Juiced and killed by the queen. Chanterelle and May would rule Tampa Bay in Hamstring's stead until the end of the world a short time later.

Chanterelle, May, and Amy are usually accompanied by Clownfish, Joanne, and Clarence on their adventures, whether they like it or not. At the outset of their first quest for the Queen, they are given the ability to transform into stronger versions of themselves after ingesting bugs who have accumulated dense quantities of the stuff within them by dwelling in the saturated soil. At the outset of their quest during Gasparilla, however, Clarence is forged into a staff that can transform them whenever, though she requires a refractory period to recharge thereafter. Eventually, Chanterelle and May learn to control their environment even without the aid of bugs or wands.

  • Beachfaring May show off her cute li'l bikini
  • Smilocide Suites. Continental Breakfast not included
  • When May met Hoppity, it was love at first sight. Hoppity's eyes were tightly closed, though
  • May in her new outfit looks strange under this lighting.
  • A very chubby May performs aerial stunts for her friend, Belle