Mecha-Smiles with pilot Jeff Smork.

Mecha-Smiles. Mecha-Smiles is a robotic battle unit with a cybernetic neural network on which was imprinted much of the personality and memories of his creator, eccentric Smilan inventor, Smalding Smiles. He is the protagonist of the Smilocide Studios webcomic series, The Adventures of Mecha-Smiles, by Ianissimo. The comics can be found here


Mecha-Smiles was created during the Second Great Smilan War as a weapon to use in the battle against the Alngles. Smalding Smiles preferred peace but was bound by his contract with the government of Smohix. To counterract the destructive potential of his invention, he and his buger/bluger team developed a sophisticated artificial intelligence onto which Smiles was able to imprint his own psyche. Shortly thereafter, Smiles was removed from the project and later fell into a meat grinder under mysterious circumstances. Erstwhile, Baron Bloggkkx piloted the Mecha-Smiles to several victories in the War including the Battle of Smonxippus (E.Y. 1968) before his eventual defeat. Bloggkkx left the project, also under mysterious circumstances. At this time, Bloggkkx's protege, Jeff Smork piloted Mecha-Smiles for the duration of the conflict. Once peace was established, the Mecha-Smiles project was continued as a security measure and was employed to battle demons, robots, aliens, and eventua
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One-sheet for Mecha-Smiles

lly, Bloggkkx himself.

With Smork as his captain, the Mecha-Smiles battled many nemeses to protect Supirion including Monbugara and Nega-Smiles (piloted by former subordinate and son of Defense Minister Sainmile, Sneck Sainmile, aka, Fejj) on numerous occasions, Flatnote, and Ultra-Smiles. It was during the Third Great Smilean War that the Mecha-Smiles was destroyed.


Mecha-Smiles vs. Monbugara sm

Mecha-Smiles fights Monbugara.