Mother Buns

Mother Buns

Mother buns is the head of a very strange secret society called the Order of the Pink Bunny which sought to preserve Toxic Tampa Bay, in addition to any number of other illicit activities.


Little is known of the person in the suit or their life before donning the pink fursuit, though it is believed that s/he spent time in the Balkans before arriving in Tampa Bay. Indeed, the history of the Order is murky. What is known is that the order was in Happy Harbor attempting to combat a darkness on the land. They attempted to make living sacrifices of the eggettes, Chanterelle, May, and co. atop Mt. Pelvis to this end, but were unsuccessful in preventing the summoning of Czernobina. After this, in one of their backwards rituals, they put out the eyes of the queen's retainer, Dinette Set. Mother Buns was pivotal in instigating the revolt against the queen and she herself led the charge right into a stream of steaming hot solvent, killing her and her followers.

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