Nega-Smiles is the creation of Baron Bloggkkx and piloted by Fejj to battle Mecha-Smiles. Unlike its counterpart, Nega-Smiles does not possess an artificial intelligence. It is also immensely more advanced and destructive. Nega-Smiles began trouncing Mecha-Smiles upon his arrival in Smuirlat until Mop-Top and Me-Me intervened. Fejj is immolated in the explosive destruction of the first Nega-Smiles. After a long convalescence and cybernetic enhancement to make him more like his mentor, the Baron, Fejj eventually is able to pilot a second, more powerful Nega-Smiles, though this time, Fejj begins by targeting Jeff Smork's friends. After several more engagements, this Nega-Smiles is also destroyed and eventually, Fejj is killed with it, though the Baron eventually pilots Nega-Smiles technological descendent, Ultra-Smiles and eventually sends an army of automated Negas to destroy Smuirlat at the advent of the The Great Smilean War.

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