Smelly One

Smelly One

Though never stated in The Chanterelle and May Life, Smelly One's real name is Smublickse Ugbilge. She is a Supirion smilan and one of the Eggettes who crash in Tampa Bay. Smelly suffers from what, in the smilan medical community, is formally known as Smelly Gross Syndrome, or SGS. Sufferers are often referred to as smelly faces. Smelly faces are often sent to live in a colony on Almaland on Supirion, which is where Smelly One was when she was recruited by the Evlion military. She was assigned to the unit that would come to be known as the Eggettes after they end up stranded in Tampa Bay. The remainder of her short life was spent being the least popular eggette while assisting in the campaign against Chanterelle and May before being executed.

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