The Anglicized term "Smilean" is a catch-all term from the Supirion Smoil languange for all sentient races and species from the Supirion planetary system, including Supirion, its three moons, Evlion, Tropion, and Prixion, and a few relatively large rocky bodies in the planet's rings. The most populous and dominant race of smilean are the smilans, a bipedal race of spindly-limbed, primarily yellow beings with squat, round trunks who are the primary inhabitants of Supirion. Other races the smilans share supirion with include the bugers, blugers, the stik, the beenoh, the mushmins, the jiraboos, fuzzywumps, and the bonbons. Evlion is primarily inhabited by the egs, ellies, kaxlekts, and urgks, as well as a number of bugers. Prixion is primarily inhabited by the flints, the kristils, and the alngles, as well as a number of bugers. notably, many of these races have their own terms in their own tongues for their own races and for others. Though it is unknown among smileans except perhaps to the blugers, all smilean races are believed to be descended from angels and demons, perhaps as alluded to in the Book of Enoch.

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