Smuirlat map, circa 1890.

Smuirlat is the capital of Smixion, easily the largest, most powerful nation on Supirion. It was founded during the Sponley Dynasty roughly in 500AD, earth years. It was made the capital of Smixion in by Sad King Skring Staulmee. It was beseieged in 1898 by an invading eg force during the First Great Smilean War and much of Old Smuirlat was destroyed and had to be rebuilt. Smuirlat was entirely destroyed in the Great Smilocide following the Third Great Smilean War.

Notable residents of Smuirlat include Jeff Smork, Mecha-Smiles, Mop-Top and Me-Me, Causeway, Captain Smileys, Totlub Olomps, Sneck Sainmile, and Mama Smork.

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