The Cosmicartoon Funship

The Cosmicartoon Funship is the titular conveyance of Captain Ian's Cosmicartoon Funship. It was commissioned by Captain Ian's father to scour the galaxy for the finest cartoons from each world, though it ended up in hock, from whence it was acquired by Clauncey Haundleton. Haundleton hired a crew to continue the mission, led by Captain Ian and Cadet Bee. On one of their expeditions when the crew was put into cryosleep, the alarm was set inaccurately and the crew ended up in funsleep for 43 years. Upon awakening, the crew found themsleves lost in deep space. The series commences from this point.

Cosmicartoon bridge

PDQ is alone on the bridge of the Cosmicartoon Funship


The bridge of the funship is the praimary setting of the series. It is only shown from a single angle, with the captain's chair at a console in front of a pair of bay windows. It is presumably situated on what would be the front of the ship's exterior.  There is also known to be an extensive cryodeck, a sick bay run by Dr. Chandrasekhar Fausto, an engineering bay manned by the Twins, an a wing of personal quarters. There is also a haunted chamber at the end of Hull Hall. The body of the ship is hexagonal and largely uniform. The ship is driven by the single large thruster on its base and by the twin anti-matter engines house in the wing-like nacelles. The top of the ship houses an abandoned bio-dome.
Cosmicartoon Cryobay

The cryobay of the Cosmicartoon Funship