Hoppity and Bee Show

The Hoppity and Bee Show logo, in glorious Lo-Rezz (tm)

The Hoppity and Bee Show names both the short-lived series starring Hoppity and Bee aired on Orlando public access, and the real-life even-shorter-lived paper comics and upcoming web-comics series presenting the adventures of Hoppity and Bee as the world crumbles around them.

The Hoppity and Bee Show within the seriesEdit

The Hoppity and Bee Show was produced by Gil Donell at Relentless Studios for public access television. It was directed by Vic de Schmitthedde and also features cartoons starring Snake and Pig, whose show had just been canceled and whose timeslot tH&BS replaced.. The Haggis writes for the series. It was canceled after 2 1/2 years. Ostensibly a production catastrophe, it was actually a means by which the demonically motivated Donell exposed Hoppity and Bee as the subjects of the M Prophecy to the evil agents of the world.
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The Hoppity and Bee show, the comic

The Hoppity and Bee Show, the real-life seriesEdit

The Hoppity and Bee show tells the story of seven years in the lives of a large cast of characters, particularly Hoppity and Bee, in the last days of civilization on earth and the Supirion system.


A band of brigands assails our heroes on Halloween.

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