Zilla-Bean is a chasmosaurus whose buried, long-dormant egg was reanimated by the crash of the teleporter into the ocean and by the accompanying radiation. The radiation cost Zilla-Bean his limbs. Early in his life, Zilla-Bean was befriended by Professors Smal Smiles. The smilan settlers of the Smilan Islands having earned Zilla-Bean's trust and fondness, the dinosaur would repeatedly protect them from various threats, doing battle with a number of monsters. He significantly defeated Cy-Caveman on several occasions, thwarting eg plans for conquest. He defeated Flatnote after he was launched through the teleporter. He also defeated Pop-Ted, the radioactive popcorn, Mecha-Zilla-Bean, and Rodatein, whom he would ultimately befriend. A smilan intelligence agent would lead him to the mainland. From there, he would be led to Cape Canaveral and escape the destruction of the earth with Hoppity and Bee, et al, in the shuttle, and with them, he would be jettisoned in space.

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